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Rental terms and conditions

Rental terms and conditions


The standard package includes party room rental and 15 or 20 passes to the Trampoline and Game Center area.

If more guests take part in the party and want to use the attractions, you can buy an additional ticket on the spot for 7 € per person. Admission is generally free for 2 guests (usually parents) who do not use the attractions themselves.

The price of the party room includes the possibility to use the party room according to the pre-booked time, it is possible to stay in the area of ​​the Trampoline and Game Center with an activated armband for up to 3 hours. The preparation and cleaning time of the party room is 15 minutes, the duration of the party is 2.5 hours. At the end of the party, please clean the room and release it in time so that the Super Skypark team can prepare the room nicely for the next party.

Food and beverages at the party can be taken to the party room. Leaving the party room with food is not allowed to ensure the maintenance of LTD Apollo Skypark property. LTD Apollo Skypark has the right to demand full compensation for the damage, especially in the value of restoring the property damaged by food.

The party rooms have one kitchen room on each floor with a refrigerator, sinks, microwave and kettle, and there are vases, bowls, trays, cake spades and knives, and bridal jugs for use in the party rooms. Please wash all used dishes clean and place them where they were taken at the beginning of the party.

It is mandatory that visitors remain in the trampoline and play center only in grip socks to avoid the risk of slipping. Shoes and barefoot are not allowed.

Please bring outerwear and shoes with you to the party room - each room has clothes hangers and shoe racks. LTD Apollo Skypark does not provide childcare services. Children are the responsibility of the parent or person who booked the party, including if the party is run by a party leader. To ensure safety, we ask parents to monitor the activities of all children at their party.

We also recommend that you read the game rules of our center in advance.


The rental price depends on the party room rented and the weekday the party is held on.

When making a booking, you can choose whether you prefer making an advance payment (EUR 35) only or paying the entire rental price. If you make an advance payment, you can pay the rest at Super Skypark on the spot in cash or with a bank card.

For any other services (extra services) ordered in the booking, the full amount must be paid at once.

A booking of a party room can be canceled by clicking on the cancellation link given in the booking confirmation letter.

If a visitor cancels a party room booking 14 calendar days or more before the event, the amount paid is fully refundable. Please send your refund request to (subject: refund, content: order number, add payment order).

If a booking is canceled less than 14 calendar days before the event, the amount will remain as a deposit and can be used for booking a new room. The new event must be held within 1 year (from the initial time of the event). For special solutions please contact